Thursday, March 12, 2009


Dear friends & foes, I have to remove some of the previous POST to avoid misunderstanding, sensitivity etc. from the advice of my old friend and maybe someone felt that I am hurting them (which I am not). I am sorry. Happy blogging, bye...:-) PEACE.
# blogger to aidi: ( refer:your post on NOTE) sir, i just waht to say, once you step ahead, never look back... hold on to your standpoint, no matter what they say... Details 2009-03-15 4:25 PM
# blogger to aidi: just say what you got to say, it's their problem to misunderstand or accept it... we are who we are, we have the right to voice out our view, sir... Details 2009-03-15 4:29 PM #
# aidi to blogger: I m just a small people..its ok, I am not that important... Details 2009-03-16 6:07 AM
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