Saturday, March 14, 2009

PANGKOR "Exposed"

Arrival time around 7.30... waiting for a boat
watching NatGeo.. "what on screen & reality"..

starving after long hours of bus & boat trip, yummy..
just a food shot, nothing more.... "melantak time"

A little bit of game... I am good at this! honestly... bulls eye.
Jom, siapa berani...

this is some statement actually. Perak.. "kerusinya sentiasa berubah ubah" "bumbung"?

Cup of coffee, in the middle of the night, dim light, sound of the beach
..hmmm cozy indeed... "lentok" aku

"kedai dah tutup" that is what
I am trying to say... simple statement.

"Satay Ikan" factory... NatGeo composing style.. uhuks!
"Mau amik gamba ka?"

Peace at last.... I need a break at an Island without name.. clear blue sky.... planet earth, one day I am going to miss this... ahh

Lil' bit of snorkeling wouldn't hurt?.. its just those sharp sea shells.. hmm, should have bought an underwater casing.. next time..

"Ibu, lautan itu terlalu luas,.. Ayah, ombaknya terlalu deras.."
kata Anak pada Ibu dan Ayah,
“Anakku, suatu hari nanti kau terpaksa
mengharungnya jua, sekarang kami masih bersamamu”,
kata Ayah & Ibu pada Anaknya..
... well, at least that is what I am trying to say here in my humble word through my cheap lens…


(because we 'treat' ourself well enough)

Me & my fellow photographers. We had a great time! For those out there, join us, please. Don't be alone, we need you. We need your talent & thought. We have a lot to learn from you. Share with us. Come. Life is paradise. Join us. Peace...:-)